Shopping process

General information about using the PETRITY online webshop

We built the webshop in a way that you can interactively track the status of your orders so you can be up-to-date about the delivery date of the products. In the description below we are going to show you the process of ordering. For orders successfully submitted on the webshop you will receive an e-mail notification where the status of your order is represented by various icons. Using the “TRACK” button in the e-mail you can also track it on the online interface.

Awaiting payment

Orders submitted on our website can be paid for by bank transfer or a cash deposit in an OTP bank branch. Our account number can be found in the e-mail receipt of successful order submissions. Put the “ORDER IDENTIFIER” found in the e-mail into the comment section of the transfer/deposit so that our colleagues can identify you. Please do not put anything else.

Payment accepted

Once the payment for the products ordered on the webshop is received the status changes to “Payment accepted” and you will get an e-mail notification. You can follow the status using the “TRACK” button in the confirmation e-mail.


Once the product enters the “Processed” status the manufacturing process will be finished within 35-40 business days. In case we cannot fulfill your order within the expected time-frame we will send you an e-mail notification.


Our products are created 100% from Italian cow and goat leather and the materials are selected very carefully for our bags. We are using durable premium metal parts besides our quality leather materials. The PETRITY bags and accessories are exclusively manufactured in Hungary and as a result of careful hands no two pieces are the same. We provide warranty for all products as long as they are used in an appropriate way. The warranty is not valid in case the leather breaks naturally. We are offering repairs exclusively in case of quality or manufacturing issues. When ordering please keep in mind that the production takes 35-40 business days.


Our brand puts great emphasis on delivering its products, our goal is to make the internet shopping as easy as possible by our packaging products and technology. The products are delivered by GLS Delivery Service both domestically and abroad. Once GLS Delivery Service picked up your package you will get an e-mail notification. Using the tracking number in the e-mail you can follow the steps of the delivery on the GLS website and using the “TRACK” button in the e-mail you can verify the status on our webshop.

Ready for in-store pickup


If you have any questions feel free to ask: