Back to the beginnings: our first photo shoot was in 2013 and I will always remember it, I loved it. I first met Ora 4 years ago, and we have been working together on every photo shoot ever since. For me, she is the photographer of all photographers. Maybe I’m biased because she is also my best friend, however the quality of her work proves itself. Despite the many challenges of developing the brand, hard work and perseverance has driven the brand to learn and grow. In July, we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the PETRITY brand. As the brand's creator, designer and dreamer, I work every day to maintain the enthusiasm and passion, both in myself and my colleagues.

It's been a long time since we began considering the idea of expanding. In a small business such as our brand, it is a difficult task to take it to the next a level. Many customers, few employees and building an efficient supply chain are all hurdles in small business expansion It is a vicious cycle in Hungary and difficult to find a solution. For a brand like ours, the foreign markets are a big challenge with different customers and different regulations, but after careful considerations, I decided to jump into expansion.

I've been able to completely separate my years of experience and private life from social media reviews, even though. I know my readers have always enjoyed the cookies, interiors, even the popular posts of my dogs. But this year I decided that these interesting moments are too valuable to not to share with you. Exciting weeks are ahead of us, including the launching our products into a completely different world, which I will soon share on the blog.

Photos: Ora Hasenfratz ( • Modell: Washanda Registre • Bags: P E T R I T Y